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Prevents Dandruff / Protects Hairfall / Promotes Hair Growth Ayurvedic Formulation
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"A powerful ayurvedic oil that controls hair loss in 3 days"
"You can feel hair fall control in 10 days"
"People who suffer low self- esteem can regain back"
"85% said their hair loss minimised with regular use"
"An assortment of 76 Kerala herbs with zero side effects"
"Has always been in High Demand"
"Accelerates and promotes hair growth"
"One of the most famous hair oil in India"
10 DAYS HAIR OIL - Powerful+
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10 Days’ hair oil powerful plus is one of the best formulated ayurvedic hair oil in India. The powerful blend of 76 rare herbs including Bringha, Amla, Aloevera, Tulsi helps in controlling hair loss & actively stimulates new hair growth. Fresh herbs are curated from the dense forest of Western Ghats(Coorg to Wayanad).

Disclaimer:Individual results may vary
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Regrowth Result
Regrowth Result 10 Days Hair Oil-Powerful +

Science Behind

We focused on three concerns. Dandruff, Hair fall & New hair growth that are strongly interrelated. When dandruff gets eliminated, scalp is healed. Consequently hair fall will be minimized. When hair fall is under control & healthy nutrients nourishes hair roots continuously, hair growth is stimulated. With 20 years of continuous research, our R&D team has identified herbs that are most efficient for solving three major hair concerns. These 76 herbs that includes ayurvedic leaves and roots are considered divine and efficiently used for preparing '10 Days Hair Oil'

What about Biotin/DHT Blocker

We don't personally recommend Minoxidil or Finasteride because it reports side effects for a lot of patients. Our divine ingredients are listed below and you may research each of it and know how it is good for hair, body, mind & soul. When this handmade heat free ayurvedic oil is used, it not only solves your hair concerns, but also heals the entire nervous system with zero side effects.

Powerful Ingredients

Medicated Solar Infused Coconut Oil - Cooked with Divine Herbs

Bringharaj/Aloe Vera/Brahmi /Karutha Thulasi/Neelamari/Henna /Karuvepillai/Hibiscus/Moodilla thali /Sarva Sugandhi Leaves/Mint Thulasi/Panikoorka /Poovam Kurunnu/Kuthiravaali/Thumba Chedi /Vettrilai/Chinna Ulli/Inji Pullu/Karuva Chappu/Amla Pacha/Shatavari Kilangu/Neela Ummam/Mukkuti/Siruthaali/Kurunthotti/Vellilia/ Prasaarani/kaaruvam pul/Aaval Ila/Iruveli ila/Pookaitha leaves/Muthanga leaves/Kaipuram naari ila/Kovaikai Ilai/Naaga Vettrila/Valli Kuruthotti/Avanika ilai/Koovalamthilai/pennasini/Aala kuruthotti/Panakulla/Pacha manjal/Maroti ila/Changolam parenda/Kaatu payirin veru/Ethanna Ila/Mayil Manikkam/Thippili Ila/Unatha Thanika/Kaduka/Nellika/Chaiya Podi/Katholam/Pepper/Thippili/Chukku/Ratha Sandhanam/Velutha Sandhanam/Katti Sambarani/Chittu Elam/Thakkolam/Karunjeeragam/Ramacham Roots/Chitharatha/ Nagapoo/Karuvelampatta/ Karuvappata/Grambu/ Nilapanakilangu/Elakai/Thenga paal/Pasum paal /sathakuppa/jaathika/Elumichai
Ayurvedic research claims hair oil with above herbs helps in achieving following results
Reduction in Dandruff
Protects Hair Fall immediately
Promotes New Hair Growth
Unique Preparation

Unlike other branded hair oils in the market, we don’t use big boilers and extreme heat energy to manufacture the product faster. We follow the traditional slow cooking method for 48 hours and settle down for 48 hours, in total almost 96 hours that is 4 days to manufacture one batch. We don't use hybrid ingredients from vendors. We source only organic, fresh and chemical free herbs that are naturally grown in Western Ghats mountain ranges. We also use a special variety of firewood that adds an unique aroma to hair oil. Principally, we believe in less quantity with more quality.

How to Use

This Oil application should be done in such a way that it gets absorbed into the scalp to start nourishing the roots and to increase blood circulation in the scalp. A detailed how to use instruction is provided under How to use section in this website. Kindly refer to it. That is created after researching 1000s of successful patients results.

  • Every 1 hour,1000+ users shows interest in the product
  • Recorded total of 100 million brand views till date
  • 10 Days Hair Oil sold 9000 within 24 hours on Republic day
  • 20 years of successful offline service & 3 years of online service
  • 10000+ regular users using more than 2 years
  • Proud that R&D Head won the "Star of Asia" award

Others Vs 10 Days Hair Oil

Bulk manufacturing for retail supply reduces quality Limited manufacturing with premium high quality standard
Fast & high heat extraction method not good for scalp and skin Ayurvedic slow cooking process for soothing experience
Less herbal ingredients for cost cut and quick making Maximum herbal infusions for hair goodness
General oils manufacturing average time is 3 hours Traditional and parampariya method of 124 hours
End-to-End Machinery preparation Parampariya vaidyar preparation
Herbs sourced from anywhere from India High concentrated fresh herbs grown & sourced around western ghats Kerala
From our Hearts

With true hearts, more than just for commercial gain, we have put in all our time,dedicated effort & positive thoughts to make this work for you.

But if you ask, 100% guarantee and get the same result like others, we can't assure. Because each individual's scalp condition/food habits/lifestyle/stress factor is unique. Each individual's thoughts are unique.Some people stay positive and hopeful, some people doubt everything. Some just count the days rather focusing on application. So we couldn't give a concrete answer when it comes to the result.

We won’t claim all our 100% customers are satisfied, but 80% of them do. We cannot guarantee this will work the same for all scalp conditions. In a case, this has worked even for a 50+ year old person. So we get mixed feedback across customers. Our customers include Judges, Policemen, Military officers, Cine actors & actresses.

We also recommend you to try this once!

Due to high quality herbs sourcing, man power effort and minute efficiency work, hand made and organic chemical free oil, product is priced this level. we don't wish to compromise on quality.
Delivery delays are due to courier partners and we have no control on it. We have partnered with almost all top brands, but due to their operational issue, sometimes COD orders face delays. Usually courier companies give top priority for Prepaid orders in delivery. Thus if you wish you order, Prepaid is a better choice.
We don't wish to handover our product to a middle agent. There are chances in duplicating the product qualities. Already there are multiple fake companies selling fake brands in Flipkart. We are exclusive only at . We dispatch directly from our own warehouse and sell directly to customers.

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For bulk offers or special prices, kindly visit the offers section in the website and reach the offer team.
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